About Molding Mates

A unique line of non-permanent vinyl wall decals for animal lovers of all ages, Molding Mates bring the joy and beauty of the outdoors in. The interactive qualities of our birds, cats, bats and other wildlife graphics allow you to create one-of-a-kind environments where ordinary doors, windows, picture frames, cabinets and furniture are transformed into perches, landings and play areas. There is also a fantasy line featuring cherubs, fairies and elves.

Now you have an affordable, creative way to decorate homes, offices, apartments, dorm rooms, classrooms and more, while avoiding typical decorating challenges and the expense of window treatments.

Molding Mates wall decals are easy to apply, remove and rearrange, and won’t damage paint. There’s no stenciling or wallpaper paste involved. No mess. No hassle. Just open a package, try a new design and watch every room spring to life.

We hope you enjoy the Molding Mates product line as much as we enjoyed creating it. This is the result of a professional and personal collision of passions. Creator Alan Altman spends his 9 to 5 as a partner to wife Amanda in their award-winning graphic design studio A3 Design. But in his spare time, Alan heads outdoors, where he was struck with the inspiration for Molding Mates. Now he is thrilled to offer the ideal product for anyone who shares his love of creativity and his love of nature.

Alan outside his studio in Sodus NY making friends.
(no photo manipulation.)